Sound Off

Sound Off for July 26, 2019

A great man

One of the greatest men in my lifetime was Dr. Martin Luther King. He was against division, racism and violence. Today, Democrats promote division, racism and, some, even violence. This is not Dr. King’s Democratic party. It has become a party of not un-American, but a party of anti-American. This is not what Dr. King gave his life for. For the record, I am a white conservative.

On the ballot

With the number of people already smoking marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes in Mississippi, why put legalization on the ballot? It reminds me of my parents generation, who bought bootleg liquor prior to the county by county “wet” or “dry” voting the summer of 1966. People are going to smoke it, legal or not.

Flag mystery

After years of going by the South Mississippi Regional Center in Long Beach, can anybody tell me why the MIA flag is flown under the American flag and above the state flag?

Liberal company

We have to realize that our Sun Herald is owned by the McClatchy Co. of Sacramento, California. Along with most media, McClatchy is anything but conservative and their news slant reflects this. Sure, Obama received negative press, but please don’t tell yourself or me that it was the 90 plus percent that Trump receives.

Mississippi values?

I see all these Republican candidates on TV assuring voters they will fight for our “Mississippi values.” What the heck does that mean? To continue to stay the last and second last state in rankings for education, health care, quality of life and economy?

You can tell

You can often tell when President Trump is performing for his base, spouting stuff specifically tailored for Fox News TV playback. Hannity and crew selectively slurp it up. Keeping the Trump/Fox base aligned and free of discomforting information is bliss for all in that closed, cobwebby orbit.

Free speech

Well, at least 137 house Democrats realized President Trump does a have right to free speech, even if you don’t like what he says.

Major attack

I learned from the Mueller testimony that the Russians mounted a major attack on our democracy in 2016 and neither the Democrats nor the Republicans seem to care. I also learned that because there were some shady circumstances that occurred at the origination of the Mueller investigation, the Republicans believe that all facts and evidence of criminal wrongdoing are nullified.

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