Sound Off

Sound Off for July 24, 2019

Please clarify

I have heard politicians refer to Mississippi values over and over during this campaign season. That has left me wondering: What are Mississippi values? Are our values different than those from residents in other states? What do we believe in?

Great work

God bless those New York police officers who kept their cool while being assaulted with water from a disrespectful mob. I hope everyone remembers and is thankful for those who hold the line against those who would do us harm. What have we come to in this country?

Why not more?

Would someone please explain the idea of $15 an hour? If you support $15 an hour, why not $20 or $25 an hour? Please explain.

How it works

Please, someone explain why a certain Sound Off contributor cannot understand why raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour would harm the small business community. It sounds like someone needs a simple lesson in how small business actually works.

Think don’t feel

Dear “please explain,” I won’t give you any “bunk” about the effect on small business. But how about its cost to all consumers when prices are raised to offset the additional expense or the employees who get laid off or the ones that don’t get hired because of the cost to the employer. Why $15 per hour, why not $100 an hour? Somebody needs an economics course. You probably think taxes for corporations should be increased as well, which is another expense you pay when you buy their products. This isn’t hard but you might have to think rather than feel.

Dirty beaches

USA Today ranks four beaches on our Gulf Coast as the dirtiest beaches in America. What does it take for voters to elect an environmental friendly candidate, regardless of their party?

Why testify?

Could someone tell me why Mueller is testifying? He has already wrote the report and anything he says will be pure hearsay. It seems the only purpose is to inflame their followers. Why are they being indulged?

Actual betterment

I am an almost life-long resident of this state who is now retirement age. I have long questioned how most of our office holders become elected. The majority of messages to Mississippi residents are that our elected officials have families, attend churches, like our car tags, own guns, and want to further "Mississippi values." No messages of policies, plans, or even hopes to improve health care availability; improve public education; or repair roads and bridges. I wish I could vote for public servants who would work for actual betterment of people’s lives. I will suffer a lifetime of 50th out of 50.

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