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Sound Off for July 23, 2019

Thanks for tribute

Thanks to the Sun Herald for the most loving tribute to Chef Toni Zito. She will be missed.

A cover-up?

A “shortage of skilled workers” is a convenient cover-up.

Short memory?

I keep seeing Sound Offs about people canceling their subscriptions because the paper prints news critical of Trump. Obama was relentlessly criticized for eight years by the Republicans who vowed to block anything he tried to do, and that criticism continues to this day, but I don't recall people being so upset at that harsh criticism that they wanted to cancel their subscriptions to your paper.

Pro-Trump leanings

No, the editors at the Sun Herald are not Trump haters. It's amazing how one could see them that way, when my point of view is that they are extremely pro-Trump. Many days I find more Trump-friendly Sound Offs than critical ones.

Free labor

A highly-experienced, retired insurance claims processor and community care-giver told me that she would be happy to volunteer one day-a-week to process insurance claims for the Gulf Coast Mental Health Center, and she feels certain that there are other responsible, experienced retirees who would also be happy to volunteer their time, provided that there is a paid full-time, knowledgeable insurance supervisor to oversee the volunteers.

Who am I?

I'm a politician who says anybody who doesn't agree with me "won't get a seat at the table." I'm all for funding charter schools or private schools, which my children attend, but only support the lowest additional funding for public schools when it's an election year. I don't support funding for new roads or bridges ... unless they lead to my neighborhood. Who am I?

A potential fix

You want Congress to fix robocalls? We have met the fix, and he is us. If people would stop responding to the robocalls, buying their stuff and making it profitable, robocalls would dry up. Ditto for scams.

Unify the state

Jim Hood is the only politician running on his own merits who wants to unify the state rather than divide it All others seem to be running on the coattails of an unhinged president whose popularity is based on dividing the nation. He definitely will get my vote.

Please explain

Please, someone explain why a Congressman from one of the poorest states in the union voted against a five-year gradual increase in the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. And, don’t give me that bunk that such an increase would unduly impact the small business community.

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