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Sound Off for July 22, 2019

Too many calls

Robocalls are increasing. Now they call several times a day every day. This is beyond ridiculous. No I don't want hearing aids, a back brace, enhancement pills or computer service. Congress should do something.

Bad news

The news about Gulf Coast Mental Health closing is the worst news ever. What is going to happen to the thousands of patients they have been seeing who have no insurance and cannot afford to pay a community provider? The situation was already bad enough.

Police concerned

Gulf Coast Mental Health is the only provider on the Coast which will take uninsured patients, although they do charge a small fee for appointments. If they close, the jail will fill up with the mentally ill. This is why you saw all the police so concerned about this development. There is no other entity to take their place, although there are providers for insured mentally ill patients available.

Historically challenged

To help the historically challenged, I will once again point out that when a liberal has no principal to stand on, they say that Trump is like Hitler. In the playbook it is referred to as name calling. And once again the old "we are all immigrants" no longer holds water. I was born in the USA. That makes me a U.S. citizen. Over 85 percent of us are in this category, so enough with the immigrant argument. It no longer works. This fact will be much clearer in November 2020.

Clarification needed

Someone please clarify for me. If the Louisiana spillway was closed, wouldn't the fresh water run into the Gulf anyway? That's where the Mississippi River goes. Right?

Filter the water

Noticed the Pogy boats in the Sound today. They should stay away. Menhaden fish filter the water and could help clean up algae.

Helping me vote

I would like to thank the Republican candidates who have made it clear through their TV commercials that they support Trump 100 percent. It makes it much easier to know who I will not vote for in the upcoming election. Even though I have tended to vote Republican in the past, a 100 percent hard core Trump loyalist will never get my vote. We have to act now to bring civility, ethics, and sound character back into politics before it is too late.

Better shape

What was so miserable about the eight years of the Obama administration? You cannot change the fact that he left the country in better economic shape. Maybe you were resentful for another reason?

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