Sound Off

Sound Off for July 21, 2019

One question

Why do squirrels act like this is their first day being a squirrel?

Not a right

I listen to the Democratic candidates declaring that health care is a right and that everyone in the United Sates is entitled. Well, I have read the Constitution and I have yet to find where health care is a right. It is a privilege that you must earn. I have worked all my adult life and paid for my own health insurance. I don’t want to pay for everyone else’s.

Trump haters?

Are the editors at the Sun Herald oblivious to history or are they just Trump haters? Strike one: the racist cartoon last Sunday depicting Trump’s supporters as flying monkeys. Strike two: Friday’s Sound Off where a reader writes that Trump is Hitler and all his supporters are nazis. Strike three and I cancel. You may not print this, but at least you’ll read it so when I cancel my subscription you’ll know why.

Broken system

This is to “change needed.” Describe for me one occasion in the last 50 years when voting for a new politician has made a difference. It is not the people, it is the system that is broken.

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