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Sound Off for July 20, 2019

Longer commercials

TV commercial breaks seem to be getting longer and longer. Used to be you could change TV channels when a commercial came on and you would be more likely to land on another show in progress. These days you're just as likely, or more likely, to run into a another commercial. So it goes.

Is this a joke?

The do nothing Congress, led by the Democrats in the House, cannot secure the southern border but they have plenty of time to pass useless legislation to censure the president? You gotta be kidding me.

Too much stress

The local weather announcers should try not to scare the daylights out of residents during a tropical storm warning. And the Weather Channel using dramatic terms like “life-threatening storm” should realize these types of excessive terms lead to a lot of unnecessary fear. Our family rushed out to fill up our tanks, stocked up on food and also extra gas for generators. Then spent a lot of energy picking up everything around the outside of our home for what turned out to be much less than most of our thunderstorms. I’m glad it turned out to be less than predicted, but reacting appropriately when announcing storm warnings could help prevent a lot of stress.

Big problem

It seems as if the invasion of our coastal waters by this blue green algae due to the upstream flooding of the Mississippi River basin will be as detrimental to the Mississippi Gulf Coast tourism and seafood business as the infamous BP oil spill. The only difference being there is no single party to blame and seek recourse from, as in the case of BP.

Know his story?

Can anyone tell me the story about the man that sits outside his van it seems all day, every day on the corner of Debuys and U.S. 90?

Bad feelings

I wonder how many people have received letters from Memorial Hospital at Gulfport saying their accounts have been compromised by hackers. I have received two. The last one gave me a "free" subscription to a credit bureau. After printing out page after page of my credit report, I am left feeling this should have never happened.

Who’s in charge?

Historically, Mississippi has adhered to the policy of independence from federal meddling in the affairs of our state. (Anyone remember the 10th Amendment? States rights?) Now it seems that the greatest qualification for being elected to any political office in our state is pledging obedience to the top federal official in the country. It’s nauseous watching candidates trying to out-Trump each other. Who is going to run our state? Locally elected officials or Washington puppeteers?

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