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Sound Off for July 19, 2019

Silent officials

Our elected federal officials have been notably silent and ineffectual regarding the disaster we have in our Gulf waters now. Surely they ought to have some influence with the corps of engineers. Our state governor is the only official I have heard who is trying to do something.

Wasted gas

I am surprised the tree huggers are not requesting a ban on all drive-through service windows. Have you ever stopped and tried to calculate out how many thousands of gallons of gas are burned everyday in these lines?

Looking good

Drove by the old VA last night in Gulfport. It was lit up. It looks fantastic. The White House Hotel and Centennial Plaza are two of the most over the top historically correct restoration properties on the Coast. Thanks to whoever did these.

Safety first

Before I step into a space-bound vehicle I want to make sure it is flawless.

Don’t spoil it

I hope Gulfport never follows Biloxi’s lead regarding development on the sand. With the newly approved changes to Margaritaville, Biloxi draws ever closer to looking like the Alabama coastline. One cannot see the water for commercial development of all types from condominiums to restaurants. The attraction and beauty of the Mississippi Coast is the unhindered view and access to the Gulf. Our new tourist publicity motto celebrates that. Don’t spoil it.

Bad fit

Trump sounds more like Hitler every day and his fans act more like Nazis. Not a good fit for America.

Keeping warm

Moms, please, when you take a tiny baby into an air conditioned public place, please put at least a little blanket around them and socks on their feet. They were tightly encased in a nice, warm place for nine months. Think.

Acting responsibly

The candidates are acting responsibly when they refuse to be alone with a female other than their spouse. It is an unfortunate truth that some women lie about sexual harassment to advance their agenda. As a female, I wouldn’t travel alone with a man who wasn’t my husband.

All immigrants

I wonder what is wrong with this country, demanding “send (them) back.” If all the immigrants in this country were sent back to where they came from, no one except native Americans would be left. We are all immigrants, including Trump.

Change needed

Would voters think about voting for new candidates this upcoming election? If Mississippi keeps being at the bottom then that means the ones in office aren’t doing what needs to be done.

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