Sound Off

Sound Off for July 18, 2019

Install cameras?

It has been confirmed that we have the worst drivers in the country. It is time we consider installing traffic enforcement cameras in high traffic locations. Especially U.S. 90 and U.S. 49 in Harrison County.

Good work

So glad I read Rick Cleveland's amazing column of July 17, 2019. Can hardly wait to get it laminated.

What century?

Do these candidates think they are so attractive that professional women can’t keep their hands off of them? What century are we in?

Memory is fine

This is to “shorter memory.” And a great many Americans had to endure the eight long miserable years under the last administration. Believe me, our memory is very good.

Get it done

I hope the city of Gulfport is fast tracking the funding for the elevated walkover from the aquarium to Jones Park. I think the success of the aquarium will be enhanced immediately when the park and aquarium are connected.

Making it an issue

“Women of color. Women of color. Women of color.” I have heard that phrase 100 times in the last 48 hours. The four Congresspeople who were the object of one of President Trump’s tweets are so-described. I thought we were beyond seeing each other’s color, but, the press seems determined to make it an issue.

Medal worthy?

This is in response to “she’s brave.” For her actions during this tournament, a person addressed why she and her other two teammates do not deserve a medal. He seems to forget she pulled a Kaperneck during the tournament. She refused to put her hand over her heart or to sing the national anthem. Towards the end she started taking a knee. She disparaged the president and the White House in vulgar terms. And what does her and a couple of her teammates do? Drop the flag on the ground and walk away. One of her teammates rescued the flag, but it still should be properly destroyed.