Sound Off

Sound Off for July 17, 2019

She stayed calm

Shout out to WLOX-TV meteorologist Carrie Duncan. Thank you for not going overboard about Tropical Storm Barry.

Retirements abound

All the wonderful long-term crowd are retiring from WLOX-TV. Rhonda Weidner is the only one left.

Short memory

For eight years I had to endure complaining and criticisms of Obama. Not to mention demonstrations with hate signs and pictures. Now, it is unpatriotic to criticize Trump? You guys have a short memory?

To clarify

I don't hate my country. I hate this president's policies and what he has done and is doing to my country.

Love or hate it

I wholeheartedly agree with President Trump. Either you love America or hate it. And if you hate it, please leave. Now. Somalia will welcome you with open arms.

Support Trump

I agree with Trump concerning all the illegal immigrants that are here. Send them back. Why should we give them a place to live when we are working hard and paying taxes? I will defiantly vote for him again.

Predictable observations

It is regrettable that Eugene Robinson gets a solitary, syndicated dime for his biased opinions. His observations are predictable and reflect his NBC and MSNBC roots. Another example of a writer calling our president a racist that is based on his personal definition. He never applied the same definition to Obama. I cannot wait until Trump wins in 2020.

Not right

Just because "many people" agree with Trump's policies does not make him right, Christian, patriotic, or good for the survival of our republic.

Goes both ways

Never been a fan of Presidential tweets but I'm very glad President Trump is finally calling out the anti-American communists in Congress. The political name calling goes both ways.

Make it bigger

I wish you would have included a magnifying glass with Friday's paper so that I could read the delinquent tax list.

Extremely thankful

If you would like to make a donation to your local animal shelter but can't make a financial donation there is something else you can do. Take your old bundled up newspapers, shredded documents, and plastic grocery bags and drop them off. My dad and I do that every couple of months and the shelters are always extremely thankful to receive them.

All about freedom

Immigration is about freedom. It’s not about greed.

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