Sound Off

Sound Off for July 15, 2019

Trump’s fault?

So the difference between Trumpers and liberals is their gullibility to believe any manufactured cruelty that can be blamed on Trump. One Sound Off insinuated that Trump is responsible for the algae bloom, probably because he was turned down for a casino here. I guess we can declare the Jimmy Hoffa mystery solved. Trump had him buried under one of his casinos in Atlantic City.

Smart fly

Can someone explain how it is that a house fly after relentlessly buzzing my face, landing on me and doing loops through my hair can absolutely disappear the second I go get the flyswatter?

She’s brave

Megan Rapinoe deserves the medal of freedom for her brave stance in advocating human rights and being a world class role model.

Careless handing

This is to “show respect.” For less than 3 seconds in the adrenaline filled celebration of winning a historic World Cup final, Long’s handling of the flag was careless and not in keeping with flag etiquette. But, it was not stomped on, as some have accused, nor meant to be disrespectful of the flag. I do agree with the statement “to get respect, show respect,” which explains the feelings toward Trump.