Sound Off

Sound Off for July 13, 2019

Only thing worse

The only thing worse than a politician is a politician that is a lawyer

Networking issues

The problem with Trump is that he doesn’t know any of the best people.

One solution

Seems to me that there is a simple solution to the citizenship question on the upcoming census. If the question bothers people, just don’t answer the question. Problem solved.

A rebuttal

To the misguided liberal who authored the Sound Off titled, “To clarify,” which appeared in the July 11 paper, I ask you that, if liberals hate cruelty, then why, on God’s green earth, are they so cruel to patriotic American citizens by always falsely criticizing President Trump; wanting to totally destroy our great country because they have absolutely no love for it; and are desirous of changing its form of government from a Democratic republic to that of socialism.

Not sorry

It’s no wonder so many students have large amounts of money owed on student loans. Many could drive back and forth to school or attend a community college, but instead go off to a college and many times join a fraternity or a sorority, live in dorms, rent homes or apartments and borrow lots of money for student loans. I drove 60 miles one way three days a week and graduated free of any college debt. Don’t feel sorry for them one bit.

Don’t listen

The chief of staff for New York Rep. Ocasio-Cortez told the Washington Post that the green new deal policy, which she promotes, isn’t really about climate change at all, but a mechanism to change the entire economy. People like her and Bernie Sanders, who cannot change the weather for a single day, are telling you if we don’t radically change we have 12 years left. Don’t be so stupid.

Leftist shows

CNN averages only 541,000 total viewers out of millions of people in America. Part of that is because many people, especially youth, don’t watch traditional television news broadcasts but surf the web instead. But it’s also because they aren’t tuned in to real America. MSNBC has even more anemic ratings. And that’s because they are even more leftist.

A thought

We live in a country that provides countless opportunities. Are there problems and injustices? Certainly, but we live in the U.S., where you are able to stand up and speak out against them without being put in jail or beheaded. So, why don’t the Megans of the country stand up and salute the flag and sing the national anthem and be proud of the country that allows us to disagree? Then, be active to correct the injustices.

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