Sound Off

Sound Off for July 11, 2019

All in a name

Cable One is now Sparklight. Really, Cable One? I understand wanting to rebrand yourself, but out of zillions of possible words that could reflect innovation or instill confidence, you pick one that sounds like a child's toy pony or a toilet bowl cleaner. And it's tricky to remember. Who's your internet provider? Uh, let me think ... spark plug? Flashlight? Skylight? Stop light?

Bigger issues

So you thing affordable housing is the solution to the homeless problem? The homeless population is made up of lots of different people with lots of different problems. Affordable housing will only serve to help a small percentage of them. There are much bigger issues that have to be addressed before the homeless problem can be fixed.

Problem solved?

Ya'll just don't get it. If ya'll would quit giving the homeless money for drugs and quit feeding them they would leave and be someone else's problem. Problem solved.

A solution?

“Affordable” housing solves the homelessness problem? How so, when homeless people have little or no money, and, a place to live does not solve the mental illness that most homeless people suffer from?

New team?

I prefer when national teams bring together instead of divide our nation but congratulations to the Democratic Party world championship women’s soccer team.

Equal pay?

Women's sports players should be paid that of their men counterparts when they are both competitive with the men and can bring in the revenue of men. Does anyone think any WNBA player deserves equal pay with Lebron James for example?

To clarify

This post in today's Sound Off really helps clarify the difference between Trumpers and liberals. The writer says trying to understand the liberal mind is a mind boggling process. Let me make it easier for you to understand what the liberals hate. It's the cruelty.