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Sound Off for July 9, 2019

Not a choice

So you could eliminate the homeless problem in 3 days? Are you going to rent them an apartment, and get them a job? Homeless do not choose to be homeless. I've bought them snacks and will continue.

Do you understand?

Outside influence and supporting the president of our country are two different things. Trying to understand the liberal mind is a mind boggling process. I have come to understand many liberals will hate everything he does or says, but do you actually understand what you are saying?

A respected nation

I remember back in the good old days when the United States was respected as a nation and European countries were our allies instead of our enemies. Our president used to negotiate treaties, agreements and accords instead of just making deals like Monty Hall. Even the news media refers to everything now as a deal.

One question

Why in the world would you put restrictions on the movement of the goods the people of America need by telling 18-wheeler drivers when they can and can’t operate?

Pay up

Here we go again with the annual rip off campaign to garner contributions for kids school supplies. And again, I am not doing it. I suggest that parents spend a bit less at Mickey D's and on cell phones for kids and you just might have money for your own school supplies.

The shame

So the security guard wins a judgment against Boosie, but yet the city of Biloxi paid him off. Shame on you, Biloxi

Show compassion

How could you be so mean as to say the homeless should not be cared for? Some are mentally unstable, some are our veterans who don't have enough services provided for them, some have been injured and cannot work and some have addictions they cannot overcome. All faiths call us to care for the poor and sick. Compassion should be one of our finest human traits.

Some consequences

While your readers are bragging about only the positive things this administration does, the many things left unchecked are now popping up. Executive orders to roll back environmental regulations may have saved a few coal or fossil fuel jobs, but now we have to worry about its effects. We cannot swim in the beach, our food source is compromised and our health will surely suffer.

The background

The Bonnet Carre Spillway was built in 1931 to control the flow of the Mississippi River. Before it was built and when the river rose, it would spill over into Lake Pontchartrain and then into the Mississippi Sound naturally. It had been doing it for centuries.

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