Sound Off

Sound Off for June 22, 2019

Great addition

Our new Rouses grocery store is a great addition to our community. We, like many others, moved to this area only to find we needed to drive to either Mobile or Slidell to find a good grocery store. Thank you Rouses for giving us such a good experience.

Real answers

The Sound Off writers who love Trump will never change the minds of those who hate him. The Sound Off writers who hate Trump will never change the minds of those who love him. How about addressing issues that are of concern to us without the blame games? Let's demand both Democrats and Republicans find real answers to these problems.

Christian nation

Maybe it is time to redefine the United States of America as a Christian nation. We need to tell others that they are welcome to worship whomever they wish, but remind them that this is a Christian nation and to respect our way of life.

No blame

Just makes you wonder. A developer would have put a lot of money into the Gulf Hills Resort, including updated motel and golf course. He was going to have an upscale RV park with limited access to the community. Don't blame him for walking when the neighborhood would not support his development.

Enjoying paperless

I am writing this Sound Off from a cell phone and no computer needed. I have just paid my power bill from this cell phone. No printer needed and no paper to print on. I could also download the bill to my phone as well and save it there. Paperless billing saves me money because I keep it truly paperless all the way. The power company’s website has a year of old bills I can look at if I want. I also have a computer, as does the library for free, if you don’t have a cell phone or computer.

Fading fast

Republicans showed their true colors when they allowed Trump to run as their candidate. They have no ethics, no honor, no truth if they support Trump. Our democracy is fading fast.

Keep the money?

When Tate Reeves announces that all Mississippi needs is for the federal government to get out of our way in order for us to succeed, he means we still get to keep the money, huh? Last time I checked, his freedom loving electorate receives $4 for each $1 it contributes to the till. We depend heavily on the federal government.

Seeking information

I recently saw a caravan of 20 to 30 tour buses leaving the old Kmart parking lot, and police even held traffic for them. A day or two later, the same. Does anybody have any idea what that is about?

Alternate use

I’d like to see a smartphone used as a lie detector.

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