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Sound Off for June 21, 2019

Sky is blue

For the individual who didn’t know the color of the sky, it’s blue. If we vote correctly “for Trump,” it will continue to be blue.

Re-elect Trump

To “color of sky,” my sky is blue and bright and has been every since President Trump has been in office. I will vote for him again. As a retiree I have benefited greatly under the Trump economy. Apparently you have not.

Remain skeptical

Climate change is a scientific fact. Trump shows no knowledge of science and his ideas should be looked at with skepticism.

Tough call

“Consider this” will have a tough decision come election day. Given all the people he says he will not vote for, he has to decide on that Tuesday whether to go fishing, butterfly watching or casino hopping.

Better training?

I totally agree with the writer about our police officers deserving accolades for the superior work they do protecting us. I wonder if fewer deaths would occur if they had better training — something more along the lines of military training. Maybe some more intelligence training, too. I don't think it's always so clear cut on a policeman's battlefield who the enemy is and that contributes to some of the deaths.

Bridge sale

To "trickle down" anti-Reaganite: I suppose you also believe that the eight long dismal years under the previous administration were chock full of economic success? And most likely taking credit of the present booming economy? If so, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Sad day

So sad to hear Great Southern Golf Course is in foreclosure. I hate to be the people who lost it after 100 years in existence. Looks like a great location for a new Target or Walmart. Maybe even a Waffle House can be squeezed in.

A great place

I wonder how many people who disparage California have actually ever been there? For all its problem, it is still a vibrant, wonderful place that leads the country in so many ways, particularly technology and the environment. I have lived there. California still has a lot to offer and continues to attract bright young people, which Mississippi is having a tough time doing.

Follow our lead

Bad example: As a native Mississippian I can attest that we have flourished under four decades of ultra conservative “Christian” Republicans. I am always most proud to tout that we are dead last at anything good, and only first in anything bad. Yes thank God we have maintained our antiquated ways by keeping our good ole boys. How envious the rest of the country must be of us. Other states should definitely follow our lead.

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