Sound Off

Sound Off for June 20, 2019

Consider this

To those candidates who robocall my phone, you will not get my vote. To candidates, both Democrat and Republican, if you end your political ad with you stand behind another office holder or if you are riding the coat tails of a current office holder, you will not get my vote.

Accolades deserved

Data for the last 12 years show the death rate for police on active duty in the U.S. is 25 percent higher than military deaths on active duty. As a Vietnam veteran I support the U.S. military. Our police officers risk their lives daily for us but are seldom honored. Isn’t it time to give them the accolades they deserve?

So sad

It is so sad to read Sound Offs belittling our country and half the country’s voters, while trying to smear President Trump. Hate and lies will never triumph over love and truth. Democrats, read a little in St. Matthew, if you have a Bible.

Great repairs

Glad to see U.S. 90 will be paved for Cruisin’ the Coast. It’s a joy to see these people come here and enjoy the Coast, and not leave any trash whatsoever.

Do you understand?

What part of pulling and aiming a gun at the police will get you shot do people do not understand?

Color of sky?

I have one question for those of you planning to or considering voting for Trump: What color is the sky in your world?

Attention needed

Hey Biloxi. I don’t know what is going on but lately the area of Iris Street near the railroad tracks has become an embarrassing eyesore. Garbage is everywhere. It needs immediate attention, as this is a secondary route for locals and visitors during heavy traffic on U.S. 90.

Slanted coverage

How come the liberal news media editorialize the kickoff of the president’s campaign by saying “same story as last campaign,” whereas the Democrats have “refreshing and new ideas.” Hmmmm.

Hail conservatives

Liberals are responsible for California’s forest fires, mudslides, and earthquakes? Please explain. Its biggest problem occurred under the last GOP governor. He put them in debt when “trickle-down” economics failed again. Just as it did in Louisiana, Wisconsin, and the nation under Ronald Reagan. Hail to the Conservatives.

Think again

The “don’t forget” Sound Off writer urged voters to remember “...the never ending streets and roads that remain under construction ... when city elections come around.” Wouldn’t it be fairer to blame the officials who were in office when the contractors were hired? Elected officials shouldn’t be held responsible for the incompetence of their predecessors.

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