Sound Off

Sound Off for June 19, 2019

Right thing

This is a tale of two women. At a local food court, the first woman drops her drink all over the floor and then just walks away. She makes no attempt to clean up her mess. The second woman goes and gets a wet floor sign, finds things to clean it and cleans up the mess. She was not an employee, just a random customer. Shame on the first woman, kudos to the second.

Fix the parking

If you want to improve the attendance at MGM Park ... improve the parking.

Do it yourself

You can’t wait around on politicians to get things done. It’ll never happen. You have to do it yourself.

More efficient

Ten minutes listening to a recorded option menu. Another five minutes listening to a sub menu. Finally a human who has to transfer me to an operator but hangs up while transferring. I may be old fashioned, but I believe a human switchboard operator was much more efficient.

Miss the cones

I have missed the orange cones that have become a trademark for Biloxi. I understand the need for the cones. After all, what better way for tourists to enjoy Biloxi and see manufactured gridlock at its best? If we don't have, Biloxi creates it.

Boost appeal

Trump is still looking for any kind of military action to boost his appeal as a strong leader and be re-elected instead of in court. He is a weak, bullying leader and not worth any young Americans death or permanent disability.

Bad example

As a native Mississippian, I was always envious of those lucky enough to call California home, but that once wonderful state with all its natural resources and beauty has, thanks to three decades of liberal leadership, become a society led by politicians who have destroyed what was once a dream land. Other states would do well to not use California as an example of how to pick leaders.

Don’t forget

Scrapin the Coast is just what Biloxi businesses needed. Another event that closes U.S. 90 to one lane while Irish Hill Road remains closed as the only other east-west roadway. Not to mention the other streets and roads that remain under construction from the never ending street and drainage projects. Really well thought out. Remember this when city elections come around.

Saving money?

So, someone recommends paperless billing because they "save" money. Really? Using your computer (which wasn't needed before,) downloading your statement on your printer, using your paper and ink cartridge? Sounds like they've got you working for them. The best way for a business to encourage paperless billing is to reward those who choose to do so.

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