Sound Off

Sound Off for June 14, 2019

No examples

It's interesting how many times Sound Off publishes rants against the liberal media for not citing sources ... rants which contain no examples of what they are talking about.

One tip

Note to the Gulfport Beautification Department. The worst time to transplant trees is in the heat of summer. You will lose most of them.

A transformation?

Bernie Sanders has always proudly proclaimed himself a socialist, yet the press routinely and intentionally describes him as a “progressive” because they know it is a softening and masking term for the uninformed. Socialism is a precursor and cousin to communism. It is a failed ideology in all of its history. But leftists in America, particularly those in journalism, want to transform us from a democratic republic to a central socialist state.

Pay it back

The Moss Point ladies that embezzled money from the city were ordered to pay restitution. How are they supposed to do that if they're locked up? House arrest, where their freedom is limited, was appropriate. They can work and pay that money back.

Big picture

Lift your eyes from what you think impacts just you and your immediate needs and wants. Look at the total picture of this country and the world. Our democracy is going down the tubes.

A little help?

Anyone that saw the mob at the new Rouses on Wednesday will be able to testify as to how badly another grocery store is needed in west Biloxi. There are plenty of buildings available. How about the city council try to recruit a good grocery store to Pass Road? Plenty of effort has been put into downtown. Help the west residents with their grocery needs.

Sync the lights

My morning and afternoon commute on U.S. 49 to and from Memorial Hospital where I work goes like this ... red light, next light, red light, next light, red light, next light, red light. Why can’t these lights be programmed to let us go for awhile? Something needs to be done. Quit ignoring the problem.

Impact zone

Rockets are being built because probably Stennis has an impact zone, where buffers prevent any danger to the community from explosives. Zone was established in the 1960s.

Start a ban

I wish Mississippi would ban fireworks across the state, except for public displays. They are legal in counties. Rural people are as disturbed by them, for the same reasons, as city folk except we don’t usually have manned and nearby fire departments to save our homes.

Not fair

Monopolies put people out of work.

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