Sound Off

Sound Off for June 13, 2019

Pay it forward

To the person in the blue car at McDonald’s on County Farm Road this morning, thank you. We were headed to a doctor’s appointment a little after seven. I paid for the person behind us. We need more "good" people in the world. Pay it forward.

Supporting facts

To the admirer of the New York Times: Critic Mark R. Levin, in his recently published book "Unfreedom of the Press," presents an unfavorable picture of New York Times journalism. Some may like the fact that the Times is anti-Trump, but much of progressive media opinions are not always substantiated by solid supporting facts.

Double talk?

Just saw Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves in a TV spot telling everyone that Mississippi would be fine if we had less "outside influence." Then he went on to tout his conservatism, family and values. Then he finishes by saying he stands with Trump, who is indeed "outside influence." Is this how the hopeful governor plans to operate, saying one thing and meaning something else?

National news

How come the spillway problem to the Gulf doesn’t make national news?

Let it fly

Friday, June 14, is Flag Day. Fly it, salute it and respect it.

No jail?

No wonder the Moss Point embezzlers were smiling. All they stole was taxpayers’ money. Steal over $13,000 and no jail time?

No smile

Why are the two ladies on A1 Wednesday smiling? You would be, too, if you had stolen your city’s money and got no jail time.

A joke?

So the two in Moss Point that embezzled city money get only house arrest? Are you kidding me? No wonder people steal.

Action needed

Have to love a justice system that allows two city employees to get off with little more than a slap on the wrist after stealing thousands from the city. Time to remember the judge’s name and act accordingly come election time.

Please answer

I saw where there was a shooting and the shooter is now out on bond. Question. How do they let shooters out on bond?

Out of touch?

I don't know what is going on with “Good Morning America” but over one recent weekend they spent an extraordinary amount of coverage on a yoga instructor who got lost hiking in Hawaii. Immediately after there was another long segment covering a European race car driver and just a five second segment covering the passing of Bart Starr, one of the toughest old school Green Bay Packers who played the game. Talk about being out of touch with America.

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