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Sound Off for June 12, 2019

Among the best

Anyone who thinks The New York Times is a communist publication either doesn’t read it or doesn’t know what communism is. The Sun Herald gives me excellent local and state coverage. The NYT gives me excellent national and international coverage. I subscribe to both. Are they perfect? No. What publication is? But they are among the best.

Be considerate

The 4th of July is approaching and it's time to remind everyone that fireworks are illegal to shoot in the city limits of Gulfport. Fireworks negativity affect some of our neighbors such as the elderly, veterans, small children, pets, and those suffering with PTSD. Please be a respectful neighbor and not shoot fireworks within the city limits. There are designed areas to enjoy this activity. Thanks in advance.

Pay up

A Sound Off comment said a vehicle accident took out trees on Cowan Road. It seems to me that the owner’s insurance should be forced to replace them. I have noticed along the Coast once a tree is destroyed by auto accident, city workers or other reasons it seems they never get replaced. Let's not spend the money on landscaping if we can't afford to maintain it.

Died for both

I am a Vietnam-era veteran. When I joined the service I served and honored the red, white and blue of our country. I also served and honored the red, white and blue of our state of Mississippi. Many Mississippians have died for both. Think about it.

Keep it fair

This is in reply to "one idea." People have every right to wear a "U.S.S. John McCain" cap to Trump rallies .... this is America. And be sure that no one would be knocking it off of their heads like the ill mannered liberals who attack MAGA cap wearers. How about a nice, fair playing field?

Much coverage

Since the Sound Off commenting about D-Day coverage was submitted prior to June 6, the writer was referring to coverage of all the related activities happening during Trump’s visit. I surf channels also, and have to admit Fox News was giving the anniversary much coverage in the days leading up to it. The others were not.

The strategy?

I guess the 2020 Democratic presidential election strategy is entirely dependent on Trump impeachment.

Keep it cut

Sure would be great if the county would keep the grass cut along U.S. 49 like the city does.

What happened?

Whatever happened to the investigation of the Biloxi schools by the state auditor’s office? Don't the taxpaying citizens of Biloxi have a right to know how our money is being used or misspent?

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