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Sound Off for June 11, 2019

Offensive product

As a subscriber, I am wondering why this paper has to be so offensive to its customers. It continually publishes articles from the New York Times, other communist sources and articles that belittle Mississippi.

Not true

Immigrants’ rights groups say that asking Mexico to detain Central Americans while they await access to the U.S. violates their right to access legal representation. Not so. They can use any available Mexican lawyer while they wait their turn.

Take it down

I am not a fan of tacky, waving-in-the-wind roadside signs, but, I have always been tolerant of those advertising gun shows because the show promoters always pick up their signs early Monday morning. Not so with the current batch of signs advertising a gun show at Lyman Community Center. Today is Sunday, two weeks later, and some of the signs are still up.

Different show?

Whoever submitted the “filtered news” Sound Off that was published Saturday and said “...CNN and MSNBC completely omitted mention of the D-Day anniversary...” must have watched a different version of those networks’ coverage of the event. I surfed all the major networks that day and all of them televised numerous stories about that epic historic event.

Great reading

Thanks to CNN, MSNBC, and Sun Herald for comprehensively covering the anniversary of D-Day and providing so much factual and historical information to help everyone remember why and how we fought with our allies to save the world from oppression and fascism. Great reading.

Dates matter

Dates do matter, but actually President Truman signed the proclamation officially ending WWII on Dec. 31, 1946. Those serving up until that date are all considered WWII veterans.

Fix the issue

The most important item that the Sun Herald publishes each week is Roll Call — which informs us of bills that the House and Senate have voted on and how our members of Congress have voted. But the print is so small. The print size of something so important should encourage readers, not discourage them. Please fix this problem.

Let it rest

John McCain was a true American hero during the time of the Vietnam War. In his last years due to old age and brain cancer, he was not the man he once was. He became a man wanting revenge on his political enemies, even going against his own political party. May he rest in peace. The feud with Trump is buried. Or it should be if the media and others will just give it a rest.

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