Sound Off

Sound Off for June 10, 2019

Not moving over

Attention all you drivers who somehow feel like I owe them part of my lane. As of today, I will no longer accommodate you. So when you run into me in my lane it will be your fault and I will be calling Morris Bart!

Need work?

I have been thinking of maybe getting an Australian gift store going. So, JoJo, how about being our logo/mascot?

In awe

The “Jeopardy” criticizer must be jealous of contestants who can answer difficult questions. I am in awe of such keen brains.

Think hard

Stone County voters need to think hard about upcoming elections. If an official is unable or unwilling to follow the rules of their office, it's time to vote them out.

Great band

“Rage Against The Machine” was a great band. Their music lives on. Still very powerful.

Dems will pay

Those who write in about Trump trying to do the job of Congress know full well that since they won’t do their job someone has to. Everybody, with any sense, knows of the horrific problems with our failed immigration system. Congress won’t act just because it might look like Trump had a win. Same is true with infrastructure, health care and many other things he doesn’t have the power to fix. People know the truth and the Democrats will pay in 2020.

Not liberal

I laughed so hard when I read the question of "what liberal media conglomerate" bought National Geographic. That conglomerate is owned by Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News. Fox News is not a liberal media conglomerate.

Did they know?

I think it is absolutely outrageous to try and prosecute the security guard at the school shooting. If you need a scapegoat then look no further than the shooter’s parents. They had to know he wasn't right in the head.

Bad work

Whoever is in charge of inspecting roadwork after completion in Gulfport needs to be relieved of his duties. Seems like all new roadwork these days leaves you with more bumps and dips that there was before starting roadwork. U.S. 90 at Cowan Road feels like you’re hopping curbs.

Big effort

Democrats keep pushing climate change and offer very expensive solutions. The USA has less than 5 percent of the world population. It will take more than the USA for any meaningful climate change efforts.

Tariffs are taxes

Let's be clear. Tariffs are taxes. I added square footage onto my home. It cost me 25 percent more on building materials due to tariffs. Tariffs are passed on from the companies to us in increased prices.

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