Sound Off

Sound Off for June 9, 2019

Show some pride

I am getting older now, and having to attend a lot more weddings and funerals. I am noticing more and more young people and even parent-type folks showing up in T-shirts, shorts, old jeans and ball caps. Come on, have a little pride in yourselves and show some respect

Bad news

Counties, cities and schools that would benefit from a growing gaming industry will be denied potential funds for schools, police and roads if the Big Brothers at the Gaming Commission shut down gaming growth. The Coast economy will stagnate as gaming monopolies sit on their profits. Wall Street will devalue existing casinos and the gaming industry will write Mississippi off if we let these strange bedfellows have their way.

One idea

I have a great idea. Instead of wearing MAGA hats to Trump rallies, wear a USS John McCain hat to all rallies Poor Donald.

Keep it up

Thank you. The grass is cut on Popp’s Ferry Road south of the bridge, for now. Can we continue to maintain this area and all other main roads into our city? The mowers used to be out there regularly, but that doesn’t seem to be a priority any more.

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