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Sound Off for June 8, 2019

A challenge

Veterans be careful about what you wish for. The Biloxi VA is one of the best in the country. The wait time for appointments are at an all-time low. All I can say is the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. Try and make an appointment with a local doctor. Veterans will find it to be a challenge.

Take it

Every once and a while, someone writes about their neighborhood needing sidewalks. Well, you can come and take ours. No one uses them, neither young nor old.

Unnecessary delay

The light at Mississippi 53 for cars going from Mississippi 53 to North Swan Road stays green when there are no cars there. Another delay when trying to get home.

Dates matter

I often note in obituaries the passing of a WWII veteran. On occasions, the dates of service do not add up. For the USA, entry into the war was December 1941. Japan surrendered in 1945. If a person served in the armed forces between the above dates, then that person was a WWII veteran. I only point this out because my Dad was a WII veteran having enlisted in January 1943, honorably discharged in the fall of 1945. He survived service in North Africa and Italy. He was a true WWII veteran.

Try this

I’d like to see you show up at the border of any foreign country and tell them you are moving in.

Reprehensible act

The New York District Attorney is transferring Paul Manafort to Rikers Island prison. That place is so notorious, dangerous and decrepit, it should be shut down. Is he trying to force Manafort to plead to his state charges or get him killed? This is reprehensible.

Broad description

This is to the Sound Off writer who accurately states that it is not Christian to deny people coming from deplorable conditions and poverty entry into the United States. But he has described most of the world, who would come to our better life if they could. How many people would have to come to pull our standard of living down to where they came from in the first place?

Filtered news

Very nice how CNN and MSNBC completely omitted mention of the D-Day anniversary in favor of an endless spray of anti Trump, pro-illegal immigration stories. Guess it figures since more than 85 percent of college kids don’t even know why we fought or the reasons we fought WWII.

Cameras needed

Another Sound Off about the city not picking up litter. I have yet to see a Sound Off about the people that throw their trash in the road. Maybe a few well placed surveillance cameras that read license plates can snare some of these lawbreakers.

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