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Sound Off for June 7, 2019

Help students

Let’s just hope the school district does not fund the Weight Watchers program for teachers but instead uses the monies to help the students.

Moral issue

A new cellphone with a chintzy battery is nothing more than a scam to get you into the provider’s store to spend more money on an upgrade. It’s not a technical issue. It’s a moral issue.

Another James?

Enjoyed my return to “Jeopardy” but will see what happens after Friday night’s time. Looks like we may have a lady James.

More power

Congress should keep working to stop the president who is doing all he can to weaken Congress and take over himself. Trump does not seem to understand the Constitution, or he does and is working to bring it down for more power for himself.

Good job

What an unexpected but pleasant surprise to see the liberal media stopped their non-stop criticism of President Trump’s UK visit long enough to honor the brave souls who fought and died at the 75th D-Day commemoration ceremony. Maybe there is hope.

A favor

You seem to be inferring that God put Fred’s out of business because they were open on Sunday. Could you ask him to do the same to Walmart, please?

Turtle crossing

Motorists driving Shriners Blvd in Woolmarket, beware. Due to the torrential rains, box turtles are crossing this very busy roadway. I spotted four this morning on the way into work. And to the nice lady who stopped and assisted a slower moving critter get to the other side the road, thanks. You done good.

What was that?

Was on Mississippi 603 this morning and saw three peacocks crossing the road. Peacocks!

Finish date?

In light of all the hurricane preparations, when will the evacuation route on Mississippi 57 be completed?

Their thoughts?

I often wonder when people like the “Empire” actor do something stupid and it ultimately affects them badly, if they regret their decision or continue to say “it’s not my fault.”

No winners

I realize the opening of the Bonnet Carre Spillway is hurting our coastal marine life, our economy and those who make their living in the seafood industry. Just imagine what would happen if we did not have the spillway. At what point do we say that the loss of homes and businesses are more important than the marine life? I would hate to be the one to tell people that you have to flood rather than opening the flood gates. And let’s say that the Coast gets a place at the “table”, what is that going to change?

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