Sound Off

Sound Off for June 5, 2019

Moving left

In my opinion, for the last few elections, Democrats have run in the middle but once elected they move to the left in their policies. At present, it appears they are running on the left. If this means that once elected they will move further left in policies, that will be disastrous for our country's economy and character.

Why is that?

I am really curious. Why do you think the media is not putting the photo of DeWayne Craddock all over the place? There are plenty of victim photos, but you really have to search to view Craddock. I am not saying the photos are not available, but I am saying that CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and other liberal messengers do not want you to see him. Now why is that?

Sidewalk needed

Please put in a sidewalk between Rue Maison and Popp’s Ferry Road. Lots of walkers since it is warm out. Cars just don’t see them until they are almost on them.

Comprehension issue?

In response to "One Question," I am a Christian. I want a wall. I am not turning my back on people who are "fleeing persecution, violence and poverty." I, like Christ, just want them to flee their situations and enter the U.S. legally. It puzzles me why this is so hard for people to understand.

More choices

Come on Biloxi. Something is wrong. Why is Walmart grocery store the only choice for groceries? I’m sorry, but I just can’t do Walmart any longer. I will drive to Gulfport or D’Iberville before going to Walmart for groceries.

Ask questions

Re the good advice “find your passion in life and then find a college curriculum and/or job that satisfies the passion.” Many young people follow their passion and get a college degree for which there are few jobs and/or the salary does not support a decent living. They are further burdened by crippling student loan payments. I say do your homework before you choose a major and include questions such as salary and availability of positions.