Sound Off

Sound Off for June 4, 2019

Not looking good

If someone thought grass was terrible on Popp’s Ferry Road, they should have seen I-10 when grass was cut recently. No debris was picked up prior to cutting the grass. By cutting grass and scattering debris at the same time, it looked so trashy it should have infuriated Transportation Commissioner Tom King, but apparently not. It looked almost as bad as a third-world country.

Good advice

The best advice I can give to recent graduates is to find your passion in life and then find a college curriculum and/or a job that satisfies that passion. Most of us have to work so you may as well study and work at something that you enjoy and receive fulfillment from. If you have to work, it is far better to want to go to work rather than have to go to work.

One question

I cannot understand how people who call themselves Christians want to build the wall. Would Christ really turned his back on people who are fleeing persecution, violence and poverty? I don’t think so.

Simplify things

First it was Russian collusion that Mueller found didn’t exist. Then it was obstruction of justice for a “crime” that never happened. And now, you want to impeach Trump simply because you hate him and all that he does. Perhaps I’m over-simplifying your motives to overturn Trump’s election, but simplification is likely the only approach an irrational mind can even begin to understand.

Not boring

This is to the person/people that think the current Jeopardy show champion, James has made the show boring. I always like to put myself in the other person’s place, in this case James. So I ask you this, if you were in his place winning all of this money, would you still think it was boring? I think not.

Great example

How refreshing to read the story concerning the McCon family! When parents set an example before their kids they will usually follow.

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