Sound Off

Sound Off for June 3, 2019

Many blessings

Pass Christian Mayor Chipper McDermott said, “If you don’t have the seafood, what do we have in Mississippi?“ The answer, mayor, is we have a lot, far too many blessings to list in a Sound Off.

Why now?

The opening of the Bonnet Carre Spillway has been tragic for our coastal waters. The spillway has been opened six times in the last decade, 44 days between this past February and April. Why now is everyone up in arms, why not back in February? The politicians want to do “crisis management.” Wanting a seat at the table with the Army Corp is too little, way too late.

End not in sight

How many more months will we have to endure one-lane traffic on Three Rivers Road between Marie Road and Chipwood Drive? The section has been under construction forever. It is impassable.

Spoiler: Not true

An anecdote from decades ago clangs true even more in our era of social media: A friend, whose grandmother purchased a copy of the National Enquirer with her groceries, cautioned her that the tabloid’s stories were made up. Her grandmother’s surprised reaction: But they couldn’t print them if they weren’t true, could they?

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