Sound Off

Sound Off for June 1, 2019

Better welcome

I totally agree with “Not Cutting it,” and think about that every time I take the Cedar Lake exit to get to the beach. For the life of me I can understand why that interchange, both sides of Popps Ferry Bridge and under the I-110 overpass that connects to the beach, isn’t pristine. All our entries to our beautiful beach are cringe-worthy.

Less partisan?

Thad Cochran was willing to do what was good for the nation. Wish Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham could be so good.

Are you kidding me?

A political forum at a public Gulfport park that charges $5 to get in? How could these candidates think this was a good idea?


Thank you for the new yellow lines and reflectors on East Wortham.

Open the spillway

The Mississippi River is near the crest of the levy at Baton Rouge — a little more and LSU will be lost to the impending flood.

Cowan Road trees

A car took out the row of trees — the car flipped several times on the median, taking out some 40 feet of new trees.

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