Sound Off

Sound Off for June 1, 2019

Thanks, Sen. Cochran

RIP former U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran.

Hands off

I’m sure if the Coast gets compensated for the spillway hurting the Coast, North Mississippi will be wanting their cut.

Not cutting it

Another holiday weekend has come and gone and the grass along one of the main roads into the city of Biloxi still hasn’t been mowed. If the city is concerned about attracting more people to our area, why not make it a place that looks like somewhere folks want to visit. The city administration needs to take a ride over here and see the embarrassment that is Popp’s Ferry Road south of the bridge. Can we please spend a few of our tax dollars to have the grass cut regularly? Mayor — can you please help with this?

Won’t help

The only thing the plan for internet scheduling for drivers licenses will accomplish is make somebody's relative rich.

Aliens ...

If U.S. Navy pilots are seeing UFOs why are they not showing up on ground radars — or are they?

Crazy climbers

For the life of me, I do not understand the sheer madness of climbing Mount Everest! Recent coverage of the poor soul who recently perished during the climb also showed a line of lemmings going to the top one behind each other on a very narrow, dangerous path under frightful and arduous conditions. Sheer lunacy!

Not happening

When adjusted for inflation, wages and weekly earnings for most workers are lower than 50 years ago. Wake up and realize the trickle down never happens!

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