Sound Off

Sound Off for May 30, 2019


Courts do not enforce laws. Courts rule on cases presented to them. The judges rely on precedents or rulings made in courts previously, already established laws passed by the legislative branches, and the precepts of the Constitution to reach their decisions. Law enforcement is done by agencies such as the FBI, ICE, DEA and our very fine local police, sheriff and highway officers.

Price change

So why are USM baseball tickets for the Conference USA Tournament here 15 dollars and the regional tournament they are only $10? Somebody is getting ripped off.


The marine life in the Gulf of Mexico is being killed off before our eyes. We see the dead dolphins and turtles, but the oysters will be gone, along with many more species we can’t see. The freshwater is only part of the equation, as the river waters include runoff from fields and industrial plants far North of the Gulf of Mexico, waters that include chemicals and pollutants that are combining to make an ecological and economic disaster that will equal or surpass the BP oil spill. My question is: where is U.S. Congressman Steven Palazzo during all of this?

Trees missing

Why, and who, cut down the trees in the median on Cowan Road? They weren’t very old; and they didn’t cause any problems!

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