Sound Off

Sound Off for May 20, 2019

We lose

So let me see if I have this straight, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has opened the Bonnet Carre spillway to save (economically) the industrial zone from New Orleans to Baton Rouge ... while the entire Mississippi Sound ecosystem dies, killing nature and both the recreational and commercial fishing economy here on the Coast. That supposed to be an even trade? It’s not.

Shame on the government

Since when did the courts start running our government? The Democrats and Republicans need to start doing the job they were elected to do. The judges need to enforce the laws not government policy. I will never vote for a Democrat.

Stop it!

So now we are repeating name-calling insults like, creepy or deadbeat. What happened to us? Do we have to mimic the worst in our society, or do we show that we have values? Be kind and do unto others. Now it’s, blame, deny, whine, accuse and repeat.

Need to be accountable

I am very glad the lady lost on the Hawaiian trail is finally safe and sound — but am I the only one who thinks this is much to do about nothing? The utter stupidity of an intelligent, mature woman hiking alone in unfamiliar territory with no cellphone or other emergency equipment is beyond me. Personally, I think she should be held accountable for putting emergency responders at risk!

Read this

I’m not surprised so many children are having trouble reading. My grandson just finished kindergarten and he is being taught part sight / part phonics. Listening to him sound out words is painful. I wish schools would go back to the system Hooked on Phonics is based on. It was easy and fun. Plus by the time you finished the course you could read almost anything.

Too hot for pets

I drive U.S. 90 daily. It absolutely never ceases to amaze me at the number of people who walk on the concrete boardwalk with their dogs. The morning is not so bad but the afternoon is brutal. Try and walk the concrete barefoot yourself — you have shoes, they do not. If you are in doubt before your strut, take off your shoes (and socks) and stand on the surface for a minute or two. If you can’t take it, they can’t take it. The other morning, a couple came across 90, the small dog with them picked up a sand burr or something and started to limp. Oblivious to the animal, they started their jog, tugging on the leash with the dog in tow limping and skipping along in distress. If you feel you must bring along your best friend, then adjust your schedule to a cooler time of day, be observant and bring a little water for your buddy.

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