Sound Off

Sound Off for May 27, 2019

One solution

I have a solution for the people offended by the "In God we Trust" on the Mississippi car tag. When they buy the tag, they should ask the clerk for a black laundry marker, so they can mark out the word "God" and write in the word of their choice. The state does not need to waste taxpayer dollars in a ridiculous lawsuit. The insanity needs to stop.

Grow up

The Democrats spent two years illegally trying to win deadbeat Hillary the election. Then spent the last three years acting like little money and power hungry children trying to get Trump. When are they going to grow up, act like adults, and start behaving like responsible elected officials?

Biden presidency

Creepy Joe Biden says his answer to climate change is beating Trump in 2020. Yep, Biden is the man to drive up unemployment, send manufacturing back overseas, put the economy in the tank, drive up fuel prices, put millions back on food stamps, remove the borders, welcome sanctuary cities, decrease our military power and remove tariffs, just to name a few. He should run on being the side-kick of an eight-year failed Obama presidency.

Poor choices

I worked for 21 years as a teacher's assistant. I loved my job and looked forward to working toward retirement. I was fired due to budget cuts. I read in the paper that money meant to educate the students was funneled to Weight Watcher's. It is so sad that those in office overseeing the education funds thinks this is OK. I hope the next governor will address this. I am mad that I was cheated out of retirement because some thought overweight teachers and staff needed the money more than our children.

Make it stop

Enough already! Childish behavior, no Russian collusion and obstruction, and now going after Trump's financial records. Will it ever stop? We have more important matters at hand than trying to undo the 2016 election.

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