Sound Off

Sound Off for May 25, 2019

Just a stunt

It’s called a publicity stunt. The Clarksdale, Mississippi, mayor says he will pay criminals to leave. I’m sure the criminals would be glad to take his money and keep right on doing what they are doing now. Who comes up with this dribble?

Reminder needed

Please put a reminder at the top of the front page on Memorial Day and Flag Day to remind us to put our flags out early.

No coverups

I don’t do cover ups. I just get my fixer to pay off porn stars and playmates to cover up my affairs. But I don’t do cover ups.

Tree stump?

I am a conservative. I believe in what the president is doing and I watch most of the news on Fox News. It is a shame that when a Democrat agrees to be interviewed on Fox News, it’s like interviewing a tree stump. None of these people have an individual thought. It’s like someone programs them before they go on the air. Yes, I also believe in God and I am proud to be an American.

Good dog...

Watching these congressional hearings on television makes me really appreciate the intelligence of my dog.

Solving problems?

Congress is currently expending a lot of effort trying to drag up something to charge President Trump with instead of trying to, oh I don’t know, do their jobs and work toward stabilizing our economy and trying to actually solve problems instead of just creating more and more. Seriously, if the people in Congress were employees working at a real job instead of politicians getting paid to sit around and expel hot air, they would’ve been fired years ago.

Nothing to hide?

The bottom line is that if Trump had nothing to hide then he would not be working so hard on blocking subpoenas and records from being shown. An innocent man would not do this.

Eye-opening experience

So you like the works of Leonard Pitts do you? Then I am sure you also believe in time travel and aliens. So get into your time machine and travel back to January 2007 and ask Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom what they think about Pitts’ thoughts on their deaths. It will be an eye-opening experience for you.

Stop whining

Stop whining about Trump being criticized. Obama took it for eight years, being called a terrorist, non-citizen, etc. This is America, and we have the freedom of speech. By the way, Obama did show his birth certificate after people, including Trump, accused him without any facts. Nowadays, lies are told, believed and regurgitated regularly even when facts disprove them.

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