Sound Off

Sound Off for May 24, 2019

Repairs needed

Time to fix the railroad tracks at Creosote Road and U.S. 49 again.

Who knew?

Who knew? Apparently the problem with the education system is that the teachers are overweight.

Appointment history

I wonder if federal Judge Carlton Reeves was appointed by President Obama. It sure sounds like it.

Good idea?

Just because Jeff Bezos thinks it is a good idea doesn’t mean it is a good idea for everyone.

Gladly pay up

I’m in luck. I don’t have to renew my license plate until October. The Stennis flag plate will be available July 1, and I’ll gladly pay the extra fee for it. I’m an old lady who’s happy to have at least one alternative to our current flag.

Fake news?

Since the findings of the Mueller report were released, Fox News and Republican commentators have been parroting the White House line, “no underlying crime and no obstruction.” Well, do yourself a favor. Read the federal statute on obstruction of justice. Then, you decide who is peddling fake news.

Information needed?

There is a sign on Kapalama Drive in Diamondhead that says “Oak Firewood.” It is among a group of political signs. However, it doesn’t specify what office Mr. Firewood is running for.

Party over country

The only reason the Republicans are so against impeachment with all the evidence against him, more than against Nixon, is because they are all party over country.

Can’t fathom

The really good reason our founding fathers instituted the electoral college in the first place is that states with massive populations like California and New York would easily sway the election every time, making it almost a waste of time for the less populous states to get a fair vote. It’s only an issue now because Democrats still cannot fathom that Hillary, with a billion dollar war chest and all the media, couldn’t win the election. They also presume that in all future elections they will run the table.

Come together

Now is the time for Congress, all of Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike. They must stop the party politics and get to work to save and improve our country. If they are not able to do this, they should all go home. The leaders of the House and the Senate must come together for our common good. God Bless America.

Where are they?

In Diamondhead, we have plenty of large birds such as jays, towees and cardinals. But where are the small birds like chickadees and wrens?

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