Sound Off

Sound Off for May 23, 2019

The reasons

Christians support Donald Trump for president because he is pro-life, he is for sovereign borders, he is for law and order and most importantly, freedom of religion.

God’s truth

As a Catholic, my vote is determined by which candidate and party does the least harm to the natural moral code, no matter how good and tempting it would be to vote for his/her other policies. Any candidate or party that supports abortion, euthanasia, same-sex marriage, homosexuality … I cannot vote for, because by doing so, I am saying I support those policies and, in fact, I become complicit by voting for them. It’s not about man’s “truth” … it is all about God’s truth.

A conservative?

I had to laugh when I read the Sound Off claiming Leonard Pitts if far left. He’s actually pretty conservative and close to center. I guess anything looks far left when you are that far to the right. God help us.

Blood boiling

Leonard Pitts “honest?” Surely, you jest. Nothing gets my blood boiling more in the morning than to read his “selective indignation” pieces and lack of historical perspective on any given subject, especially on race and abortion.

Please fix

The traffic light at Airport Road and U.S. 49 in Gulfport ... the turn signal for southbound 49 turning onto Airport is staying green when there is no one there.

First things first

Trump was cleared on the Russian probe. Now Democrats want his financial statements. I say Democrats should give Republicans Obama’s birth certificate first.

The plan?

Our legislators have no problem wasting money on the abortion issue. They know the law will be tossed out but they have already accomplished their goal. Divide and conquer, and people will base their vote solely on the abortion issue.

Real issue?

Who knew? Apparently the problem with the education system is that the teachers are overweight.

More information

There is a sign on Kapalama Drive in Diamondhead that says “Oak Firewood.” It is among a group of political signs. However, it doesn’t specify what office Mr. Firewood is running for.

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