Sound Off

Sound Off for May 22, 2019

Tough act

I would hate to be next year's commencement speaker at Morehouse College. That's one tough act to follow.

Bad decision

So I am peddling along the Southside of U.S. 90 as it is a fantastic bicycle route. I'm heading toward Caillavet Street to cross and I notice something's different. They removed the crosswalk — the lights, the buttons, the works. So I'm am now supposed to peddle to the elevator with my bicycle because it was decided to make people use the new pedestrian bridge? Shaking my head. Very bad decision. Thought the purpose of the pedestrian bridge was to facilitate pedestrian traffic, not hinder it.

Move on

This is about the comment about contractors not calling if late. Find another contractor, simple as that.

Why is missing

You are so right! I agree with you on both the article by Leonard Pitts and the letter regarding Christians supporting this president. My frustration is none of them can tell me why. They can only say that they didn't like Hillary and they like what he's doing. Can someone help me a little bit more?

Left leaning

You should have stopped with your first four words to Sound Off, "rarely have I read." That would have been accurate. Leonard Pitts leans so far left that he is not even on the table. All of his commentaries are predictable and an unbiased perception is never in anything he writes.

Second to politics

Yes, religion is second to politics. The Constitution, that thing that we live by, was created upon church and state separation. The King of England persecuted people who did not practice his chosen religion. We are supposed to have the choice to practice any religion, or none, that we choose. Your beliefs govern your life and should represent your values. But the government should be run by the laws created for all the people. If you don't like it, then leave.

Personal responsibility

No wonder our teachers don’t make a lot of money, when our Legislature spends the taxpayers’ money on weight loss programs. So much for legislative transparency. Weight loss is a personal responsibility, not one for the taxpayers.

One solution

A solution for the license plates is very simple. Use a plain plate with a white background and black or dark blue numbers and letters. Texas has bee doing that for decades. A license plate is for identification, not decoration. The current state seal and the guitar are so small and in pale blue if you are standing more than six feet away it is difficult to decipher it.

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