Sound Off

Sound Off for May 21, 2019

We have one

To the Sound Off writer wanting a channel to televise Congress ... there are two. C-Span for the House and C-Span 2 for the Senate. On cable here in Gulfport the channels are 78 and 79.

Just call

Why is it contractors can not pick up a phone and call if they are not going to show when they said they were?

Support history

If anyone is interested in having American history taught in schools, please let your school boards and teachers know. Many school board members, especially where they are elected, listen to parents. I traveled to many states where I received the same reaction from parents as I did in the school district where I was employed. The reaction was that learning history does not lead to jobs. Knowing history and the background and precepts of the Constitution could help in understanding many current events.

Religious heritage

Sorry, Larrison Campbell, but “In God We Trust” is not a nod to Christianity. A nod to Christianity would be addressed to Christ, “In Jesus We Trust.” As the First Liberty Institute says, “In God We Trust” is simply a reference to our religious heritage.

Feel the Bern

Just watched an interview with Bernie Sanders, pushing his Medicare for all, eliminating current private insurance. Part of his argument was this: Look at our elderly, they don't have dental, visual and hearing coverage. I am elderly and that is true; but it is because I am on Medicare. Before I turned 65 and on private insurance, all of those were covered, as well as prescription drugs and other things that are not covered in parts A and B of medicare, for which my wife and I pay $250 a month.

Quit complaining

I cannot believe the amount of complaining that has gone on about the car tag, even saying they are having migraines looking at it. The answer to that is “quit looking at it.” Look at the road instead. These people need to get a life.

Honest article

Rarely have I read a more perceptive, honest and accurate article as this one, “The Republican Party working to repeal the 20th century” by Leonard Pitts, and I applaud your paper for having the courage to report the unpopular truth for which you will be criticized. I also chuckled at the Sound Offer who stood amazed at her fine Christian friends who support this president. I have had that thought many times myself. Apparently religious beliefs are secondary to politics.

Simple fix

Simple fix. Make the tag black and white only with no drawings and have the prisoners in Parchman make them.

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