Sound Off

Sound Off for May 19, 2019

No rules

I am thoroughly amazed at how many of my fine Christian friends can blindly support a man who continually believes he is above the law. Rules only seem to apply to others and not to him or his family. Shame on him.

Lacking facts

Many of the studies ranking states are comparing apples and oranges. They compare incomes and money spent on various things. I bought and paid for a nice house here, that you can not buy with two or three times my income in many other states. Not to mention the cost of many other things that are cheaper. You can go where you want in this country. There is no mass exodus from Mississippi to California or New York. South Mississippi has rebuilt quite a bit since Katrina.

Not cool

It’s a sad day for Mississippi when a college instructor is granted tenure after embarrassing the university by posting comments encouraging public displays of harassment and violence against U.S. senators and congressional members. Note I don’t call him professor, as that position should not stoop so low as to incite violence.

A bully?

Donald Trump has never negotiated anything in his life, he bullied for what he wanted. He is now a danger to the U.S. because bullying between nuclear nations is insane. Congress and the ineffectual GOP need to do their jobs and put a lid on Trump.

Get it straight

When general statements are submitted for publication, the person making the statement should check his/her putative facts. As to the comment that “... we have an electoral college so that New York and California don’t get to choose all of our presidents...” it should be noted that when the U.S. Constitution was ratified California wasn’t even a state and, according to the 1790 census, Virginia, not New York, was the most populous state in the union.

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