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Sound Off for May 18, 2019

Ultimate sacrifice

Memorial Day is May 27th. It is a national holiday dedicated to all those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. Traditionally it is also a day for family fun, picnics and parades, which our departed brethren and sisters would surely not wish to overshadow. But let us make sure we at least take a moment to remember those true heroes in our hearts and prayers. May God bless them all.

Thank you

Thanks to a very good and caring carrier. He took the time to have the sheriff check on me because he thought something was wrong. God bless you and thank you very much.

Facts needed

It’s one thing to have an opinion and feel the need to express that opinion. But total ignorance is offensive and most Democratic-leaning writers in Sound Off only have opinions without facts, without a basic foundation of knowledge and without understanding anything other than your hatred of Trump and his supporters.

No crisis

There is no Constitutional crisis. It is a clash of opposing positions. It is a reasonable defiance of Congress’ unreasonable demands, unlike the Obama Administration’s unreasonable defiance of reasonable Congressional demands.

Flawed system

The electoral college is antiquated, flawed and no longer needed. As it is now the battleground states choose the president. Individuals are going to support their chosen candidate regardless of where they live. Their votes should always count but they don’t with this flawed system.

A bully?

It’s not respect. Trump is very capable of using money to dominate and get his way. That’s what he does best ... bully in chief.

Trophy needed

48th place. When do I get my participation trophy?

Not proud

Trying to figure out if the listing of Mississippi being ahead of both Alabama and Louisiana in best places to live is a complement or not. Having the three most disadvantaged states in the union in quality of life issues is pretty sad for its residents.

It happened

There is nothing “alleged” about Officer McKeithen being ambushed in front of the station. It’s on video.

Is it done?

Can someone tell me if the color on the old Santa Maria across from the Biloxi Harbor (the new Watermark hotel) is the final color? I sure hope not.

War drums

Springtime in Washington is the traditional time when unpopular Republican presidents start beating the war drums.

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