Sound Off

Sound Off for May 17, 2019

An afterthought

The education system has been turned into a huge “cash cow” industry. The actual education is an afterthought.

Good work

What a beautiful story of redemption. Congratulations to Mr. Smith on his accomplishment of obtaining his master’s degree in social work and his willingness to encourage others to make a difference in their lives. And to Mrs. Smith, I’m sure your prayers and support played a major role in this achievement. Congratulations to you both.

Stop it

Stop with Hillary won the popular vote. Trump won the electoral vote in a landslide. America is not a democracy. It is a democratic republic which allows for representation of all Americans, not just a majority. The electoral college system does not allow higher populated areas, say California or New York, to take advantage of being able to always assure the win of their candidate, thereby under-representing the other less-populated areas of the nation.

Crisis brewing

Regardless of your political affiliation, no educated person can deny there is a real Constitutional crisis. The executive branch cannot ignore or dismiss the demands of the people’s Congress. To continue to do so will eventually result in a monarchy, dictatorship or demonstrations, riots and revolution ... like Venezuela.

The results

Are the Southern states that are banning all abortion now going to face the results? This leads to a very real possibility that many families will have more children than they can feed and educate

Getting respect

If you and the media were truly worried about America not being respected, then you would all quit bashing the office of the president. Didn’t your mother ever tell you, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything?”

Not saying much

Pretty sad and quite embarrassing when the paper has to brag about being 48th in the ranking of states. Just because we finally beat Alabama and Louisiana doesn’t say much, does it?

So much respect

Sound Off writer states USA is not respected around the world, citing Time magazine and newspapers such as New York Times and Washington Post. Writer does not mention TV, such as CNN, ABC or MSNBC, all Trump haters. Be advised respect does not mean you are liked. It means you are unable to be taken advantage of by threats, imitation and economic trade. The UN countries are now owning up to their fiduciary responsibilities for defense. North Korea and Iran are rethinking their rhetoric against our country. Why? Because Trump has won their respect.

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