Sound Off

Sound Off for May 16, 2019

Fun ride

So glad to see U.S. 90 being paved. It’s so nice to drive down the highway about sunset and see the beach.

No monopoly

Second Street does not have a monopoly of speeders cutting through their neighborhood

Resumes needed

When will all candidates for elective offices be required to list their complete resumes, including job experiences, education, training, and all qualifications? Currently candidate advertsements show who has the relatives and no mention of addressing chronic problems affecting our quality of life. Could that be why our state is last in almost every rating category?

Proud of you

Congratulations to Khadeejah Franklin, who was featured on the Sun Herald Monday front page, from an older white male with deep family roots on the Mississippi Coast. Not only was Ms. Franklin her high school valedictorian, she excelled in other school and community activities and has a full ride scholarship to Ole Miss to pursue her neurosurgery aspirations. We are very proud of you.

The reasoning

We have an electoral college so that New York and California don’t get to choose all of our presidents.

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