Sound Off

Sound Off for May 15, 2019

Sweet angel

Thank you to the sweet angel I met at the Biloxi Walmart. I appreciate the generous gift of money. I assure you this money will be shared and your kindness will continue to bless others. Thanks again.

Race issue?

Congratulations to Khadeejah Franklin on being a valedictorian. A true honor that she has achieved. Unfortunately, the headline has made it a race issue. Why? I choose to see her as an excellent student and athlete, period.

Appointed president

You can spin it however you want, but more Americans voted for Clinton than for Trump. That means Trump was not elected by the American people. He was appointed by the electoral college.

Smart enough?

The truth of the matter is that none of us know what the Muller report found because of the redactions. If it really cleared Trump, he would be giving it out. Is he hiding something or not smart enough to be truthful?

Keep it down

Where are the parents? The kids have been riding a 4-wheeler late at night being loud and playing loud music. I don’t know how many are on the 4-wheeler, as they have quite a few just hanging on.

Troubling comments

As I watched officer Robert McKeithen’s funeral, I was embarrassed by the comments of Dave Elliott and Bill Snyder on WLOX.

Understanding needed

If you lived on Second Street, aka Second Street bypass, you would understand why the speed limit is 20.

Dangerous roadway

Yes, traffic flow on U.S. 49 is horrific. I avoid it at all cost. You take your life in your hands driving it.

Out of touch?

The person who thinks we are more respected around the world must have not seen a magazine, newspaper or video lately.

Get over it

This is to “my prediction.” As we’ve seen from the Mueller report, the only “legal problems” President Trump has are the ones the Democrats keep trying to fabricate. Hillary lost. Get over it.

No problem?

We have very good birth control in many forms and if people would use their heads there would be no problem with abortion. Birth control should be covered by insurance or dispensed by social services, and in the case of rape or incest there should always be abortion available.

New job

Poor old Tim Tebow. He failed at NFL football and he keeps getting demoted in Major League Baseball. Has he ever considered professional tiddly-winks?

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