Sound Off

Sound Off for May 14, 2019

Trump won

Trump was elected by the American people, regardless of all the propaganda you are so eagerly willing to believe.

Curious comments

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now walking back her claim that the world would end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change. She would like you to think it wasn’t literal. Yes, it was. She repeated it often.

Be careful

America should not be buying anything that goes in our bodies from any foreign country, period. What an easy way to incapacitate millions of Americans.

Better wording

This is to “no worries.” As your probably aware, I didn’t label my Sound Off. The Sun Herald did. Curious may have been more appropriate.

A question

I have some questions about the hiring of a lottery executive. How was his pay established ($225,000, plus additional incentives), to what other perks is he entitled, and is this a permanent position? By the way, our governor’s salary is $122,160.

Repairs needed

With all the highway money that has been sent to the state, why hasn’t the Perk bridge been rebuilt to handle flood waters?

Certain attitude

People seem to have the attitude of, “I don’t care if everybody else is miserable as long as I can say I was right.”

Sell it off

Lets fire everyone in the state corrections department, health department, game and fish department and transportation department, sell all the state parks and give the teachers another pay raise

Ordinary people

Trump knows that he wants low taxes and no government regulations so the he can do whatever he wants to get more money and power when he is out of office. Always remember that it’s the ordinary citizen that makes our world run, not the likes of Trump.

Fed up

Congressional oversight established in our Constitution was established to keep a balance on our three branches of government. Its purpose was not to be used as a weapon against political parties. The Mueller report ended the case on collusion and obstruction. Democrats should accept the findings. It is over. The American people are fed up with this resistance.

The basics

A brief return to basic drivers education. Turn right on red at traffic lights, but only after coming to a complete stop. That wide white line just before a traffic light is where your front bumper should be when you come to a stop, not you back bumper.

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