Sound Off

Sound Off for May 12, 2019

Something good

We are saddened that Patrolman Robert McKeithen was murdered while serving his fellow man. We pray for his family and community. We hope that something good can come from this. We also hope that politicians won't use this as an opportunity to grandstand on television.

He does what?

Ever since it was revealed that Michael Cohen was in trouble, he has been referred to as the president’s “fixer,” as if we know what a “fixer“ is. What, exactly, does a fixer do for a businessman?

Conservative state

The Sun Herald may be owned by the McClatchy Co. but Mississippi is a conservative state. By no means would a liberal newspaper be printed in a conservative state. No more than a conservative newspaper be printed in a liberal state.

Showing improvement

I know of at least two ways to voice your concerns about the VA that goes straight to the director or White House without fear of retaliation. These were started by the Trump administration. I also know problems at the VA grew substantially under Obama, and while still not terrific, the VA has been improving.

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