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Sound Off for May 11, 2019

No worries

This is to “bad behavior.” Why someone stands for the pledge of allegiance but doesn’t recite it is none of anyone else’s business. They could be atheists who don’t say “under God,” or Jehovah’s Witnesses who, for religious reasons, don’t say the pledge or sing the national anthem. Or maybe, as you suspect, they’re not U.S. citizens. If so, their standing respectfully silent for another country’s patriotic display was not only not “bad behavior,” it was 100 percent correct.

Story saved

We’ve had water turned off resulting in boil water notices twice in the past few weeks. I called the private company to see when the issues would be resolved and the answer was “we don’t have a completion date for that.” There is a huge gaping hole at the front of the new neighborhood on Pineville Road. Seems that company won’t be getting any business from me.

My prediction

I predict that before the summer is over Trump will have involved U.S. in a war with Iran in order to distract from his legal problems.

A suggestion

There are about 20 full-size buses that transports students to Gulfport High School. I have noticed that these buses are not even half full. Wouldn’t it be better to use vans or shorter buses?

Massive plot

So now Hillary claims the election was stolen from her because she won the popular vote and not the electoral vote. Every day we learn more and more about the FBI and Democratic Party’s scheme to beat Trump and Bernie. There hasn’t been a plot to overthrow the U.S. government and the will of the people like this since John Wilkes Booth.

No crisis

Why are the Democrats saying that the United States is in a “Constitutional crisis?” Sounds like they are crying wolf as they are the ones that will not follow the Constitution. There main focus is to bring down the president at any cost.

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