Sound Off

Sound Off for May 10, 2019

Police signs

On the front page of today’s paper, there are people holding "We Back the Blue" signs. Would you please find out where the public can get the signs and put it in the paper?

Help needed

Every weekday I travel U.S. 49 northbound in the afternoon to get home and usually stop at the Dedeaux Road stoplight. When it turns green, the light at Orange Grove Road always turns red. Always. Gulfport, please help the taxpayers in your city and help us get home faster in the afternoon. Or better yet, build an overpass from O’Neal Road to the port.

News flash

The New York Times has republished an old news story from the 1980s on Trump, as if we did not know this. He did go through a financial time where he hit rock bottom before he bounced back. This has been well documented in his books, in his own words, and in his debate with Hillary when he thanked her for legislation that allowed his recovery. News flash for NYT: U.S. lands on moon, Beatles break up, and Star Wars is a hit.

Love him

Yesterday’s Sound Off writer asks what have the Democrats in Congress have done since taking over the House of Representatives? I will tell you, they have spread division in this country, lied to the American people, put on a massive personal destruction of a great Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and tried to take down a president who has done more for the American people in two years then Obama did in eight years. As far as legislation Democrats have done nothing, zip zero, to help this country, only bring it down. Trump has restored love of the American flag, respect around the world for America and all economic metrics have broken records. Go Trump 2020.

Fighting back

When Republican presidents find themselves in trouble, they usually invade small, defenseless countries like Grenada, Nicaragua or Iraq as part of their re-election campaigns. Trump is provoking world powers like China, North Korea, and Iran that can fight back, but it will take WWIII to distract from his incompetence.

Same people

You all keep complaining about bad roads, manhole covers, depreciating home values, bad schools, another railroad hump accident, and the list goes on. Ever notice nothing ever happens? Know why? Because you keep voting for the same do nothing local yokels. Local politics isn’t about Democrats or Republicans, itis about who can get a manhole cover level with the street.

No love

Our government has lost its collective minds and ceased to function as a governing body. Please remember this during the next election and remove these clowns from Washington.

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