Sound Off

Sound Off for May 9, 2019

Not conservative

The Sun Herald is not a "conservative" newspaper with being owned by a liberal organization. Even so, the Sound Offs seem to be very balanced. So perhaps your "better comments" you are sending in are just not that factual especially if they are being repeated from CNN or MSNBC.

Pay attention

If you think the majority of the Sound Offs printed are pro-Trump, you haven't been paying much attention.

Rigged vote?

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Nancy Pelosi expressed worry that Trump might "poison the public mind" and "challenge each of the races" if Democrats don't win by a large margin next year. Not a bad tactic. Hillary still insists she lost only because Russia hacked our system on Trump’s behalf and Stacey Abrams hasn’t conceded she lost the gubernatorial seat in Georgia. If they didn’t win, it must have been rigged.

One question

Question: What has a Democrat in Congress done for you or the country since taking over the House of Representatives?

God bless you

We read about the Biloxi patrol officer and we wish to convey our thoughts and prayers to the family of Officer McKeithen and to all his fellow officers. God bless you Robert, for you were one of Biloxi's finest.

Bad behavior?

I went to my grandchildren's musical last night. The pledge of allegiance was announced for everyone to stand. There was a mother and her young daughter in front of me. The daughter looked around at everyone while the mother stood there with her hands behind her back. I wanted to ask her what country she was from.

Very sad

The murder of Biloxi policeman Robert McKeithen is tragic beyond words. The Coast is so sad for his family.

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