Sound Off

Sound Off for May 8, 2019

A tragedy

Such a tragedy for the Biloxi police officer and family.

A real shame

Try driving the speed limit (20) on Second Street and you will practically be run over. A real shame the city can’t do something.

I will

Jim Hood won’t pave a road to his house with taxpayer money or hide that he’s defunding schools for the elite. But I will.

Bad sport?

A U.S. president is elected according to our constitution by the number of electoral votes, not the popular votes. This was wisely established by the founding fathers to not take away a voice to states with less population. California and New York should not determine our president. The president is indeed elected by the majority of American people in each state. Stop being a bad sport.

No falsehood

To “to review,” the Sun Herald is not printing a falsehood when they say President Trump was elected by the American people. He won the electoral college vote, which is what counts and last I noticed that was American people voting.

Balanced comments

I would have bet money that there were more Trump bashing Sound Offs than pro-Trump, but after going back two weeks I count the same for each, 14.

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