Sound Off

Sound Off for May 7, 2019

Looking good

Without a doubt, this is the best the beach in Hancock County has looked since Katrina. The beach is clean, sand is well-groomed and two public restroom facilities are open. It is refreshing to see Hancock County taking pride in the Coast’s best asset.

To review...

Sound Offs keep saying that Trump was elected by the American people. That is false and the Sun Herald knows it. Therefore the Sun Herald should always delete that falsehood or correct it. To print a known falsehood without correcting it is to be complicit in endorsing it. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Donald Trump won the electoral college vote.

Better comments

My friends and I send Sound Offs to the Sun Herald often countering positive things people have said about Donald Trump, with facts that show they are incorrect. They are short and to the point. They never get printed. But yet many hateful or nasty things are printed from pro-Trump people. I know you are a conservative paper but isn’t the Sound Off for people on both sides? Most of the Sound Offs are pro-Trump, which is not the way all the people of this state feel. This will never be printed, but now you know how those of us who aren’t pro-Trump feel.